Flower Cupcakes with Ermine Frosting

To be honest I’m not a big fan of American Buttercream, but sometimes it’s just too hard to deal with egg whites and make Swiss Meringue Buttercream. So, since I learned there is another option, Ermine Buttercream, I was so curious about the taste and texture of it. Finally, I had time to make andContinue reading “Flower Cupcakes with Ermine Frosting”

Savory Soft Yeast Rolls – Turkish Pogaca

Poğaça is a generic name for savory pastries. Previously, I published a no-yeast version of poğaça with dill and feta cheese which was tender and more crunchy. In this version the the texture is quite similar to soft yeast rolls. Super super soft, buttery, and full with your desired filling. And for filling you canContinue reading “Savory Soft Yeast Rolls – Turkish Pogaca”

Profiteroles and Eclairs

Eclairs and profiteroles are both made with the same dough, pâte à choux. You can use whipped cream, pastry cream, custard or even ice cream to fill them but my favorite filling is vanilla pastry cream. Profiteroles are served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce in the States. But, In Turkey, profiteroles are served withContinue reading “Profiteroles and Eclairs”

Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are simple yet a little tricky to make. Humidity in the air or a piece of egg yolk can ruin the cookies. After trying several recipes, different kinds of sugar, baking temperature and time finally I found my foolproof meringue recipe. TIPS Egg whites: Separating egg whites much more easier when eggs areContinue reading “Meringue Cookies”

Simit – Turkish Sesame-Crusted Bread Rings

Simit is crunchy, chewy, and sesame coated bread ring. Mostly it’s called as Turkish bagel, but I don’t think they are similar. The texture is totally different, simit should be dense not soft. Technique is different, simit doesn’t require a boiling process. They taste different, simits are dipped in grape molasses – water mixture. SlightContinue reading “Simit – Turkish Sesame-Crusted Bread Rings”

Dill and Feta Cheese Pogaca

“Poğaça” is a Turkish savory pastry. The texture is quite close to dinner rolls. Yeast pogacas are soft and fluffy while baking powder used pogacas are more tender. Some recipes, like this one, call for baking powder to cut proofing time. Various different fillings are used for these pastries; feta cheese, olive, potato and herbs,Continue reading “Dill and Feta Cheese Pogaca”

Healthy Banana Bread

Another super easy, healthy, and delicious recipe! This banana bread rich in flavor and moist. You can easily make it gluten-free by replacing whole wheat flour with any other gluten-free flour. INGREDIENTS 3 ripe bananas5 pitted dates1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (or your choice of milk)2 eggs2 tbsp coconut oil (or your choice of oil)1/2Continue reading “Healthy Banana Bread”

Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I’m a huge fan of healthy cookies. They’re table sugar, wheat flour, and oil free yet delicious! INGREDIENTS -For 12 medium cookies- 2 medium ripe bananas (mashed)1 cup oat flour (blend old fashioned or steel cut oats in a food processor)1/2 cup almond flour (you can substitute it with oat flour)1/2 cup raisins (soaked inContinue reading “Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies”

Healthy Pumpkin Cookies / Balkabaklı Sağlıklı Kurabiye

Pumpkin season is here! So, let’s bake something with tasty pumpkin and pumpkin spices. I know pumpkin pies, pumpkin rolls, and all those pumpkin cakes are so good! But this time I want to share a guilt-free yet so tasty recipe. You will have that pumpkin taste without oil, flour, and table sugar! If youContinue reading “Healthy Pumpkin Cookies / Balkabaklı Sağlıklı Kurabiye”