Savory Soft Yeast Rolls – Turkish Pogaca

Poğaça is a generic name for savory pastries. Previously, I published a no-yeast version of poğaça with dill and feta cheese which was tender and more crunchy. In this version the the texture is quite similar to soft yeast rolls. Super super soft, buttery, and full with your desired filling. And for filling you canContinue reading “Savory Soft Yeast Rolls – Turkish Pogaca”

Simit – Turkish Sesame-Crusted Bread Rings

Simit is crunchy, chewy, and sesame coated bread ring. Mostly it’s called as Turkish bagel, but I don’t think they are similar. The texture is totally different, simit should be dense not soft. Technique is different, simit doesn’t require a boiling process. They taste different, simits are dipped in grape molasses – water mixture. SlightContinue reading “Simit – Turkish Sesame-Crusted Bread Rings”